Marcello Speroni, Varesino, born in ’77, former athlete, who has always been committed to renovating and personalizing homes, offices and premises, personally designs and builds environments and furnishing accessories by blending traditional materials such as wood and iron with more modern ones such as resin and liquid glass “New materials and techniques give us the opportunity to create unique works, tradition and the past remind us that they must also be useful and not design as an end in itself”

Capri gold is a brand that produces handmade glasses. The Capri gold luxury eyewear Collections celebrate the excellence of the materials and of the Made in Italy, with a vintage character and a contemporary style. One of the strengths of Capri gold is the Care and meticulousness in the details by hand combined with cutting-edge technologies give life to wonderful glasses, made of unique materials in their kind, with a whimsical design, refined and excellent quality.

ALTIERI is profession of jewelers. The trademark ALTIERI, born in 1930, when grandfather Salvatore, sitting at the work bench forging the jewels commissioned by the customers, then it was exciting to give form to the desire of the customer who actively participated in the birth of his jewel.

L’AbeilleAllegra was born out of the desire of a woman to be admired, not only for her beauty but also and above all for her elegance. Every woman dreams of being irresistibly unique. L’AbeilleAllegra satisfies this demand and goes beyond the usual stereotypes, giving life to a truly unique accessory, just for you. L’AbeilleAllegra leaves the decisions up to you in terms of model, colour, crocodile skin, finish and adornment. Born under the symbol of the Queen Bee, a symbol handed down and used by emperors and noble houses, synonymous with prosperity and royalty.

Fly over the most stunning places the Campania Region offers and enjoy its breathtaking panoramas.
Places like the Gulf of Naples, Ischia, Procida, Capri, Mount Vesuvius, the ancient ruins of Pompei, the Peninsula of Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast are just a few examples.
We offer a variety of tours that will allow you to explore from a different perspective, astonishing sceneries.
It is possible to adapt the route to your
specific request.

Since 2012 Sea Charter in Naples operates in the service of the boats by tourism, in the Gulf of Naples like autonomous carrier and in sharing services, that is to share boats by group of users. In addition to rental, the Sea Charter offers excursions with different types of boats and rental of equipment about to nautical tourism…
Every time we axplore the Amalfi Coast is like it was the first time, the emotion of new discovery.


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