Benedetto XVI

Luigina Castellana

Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 42 cm
Height: 52 cm

Luigina Castellana

Luigina Castellana was born in Rome. From an early age she had a passion for art that led her to graduate from the Institute of Applied Art in Rome with a specialization in "Textile Art". Later he deepened his studies by graduating from the Koefia Academy of Fashion and Costume. He later took the teaching qualification for high school.

Since 1980 he has collaborated with high fashion houses (among the many Lancetti and Annabella furriers) and theatrical tailors (NERI TEATRO MODA, Tirelli and Piero Tosi), designing fashion and stage clothes, knitwear for children, fabrics, scarves and décor accessories. furniture.

Since 1986 he has collaborated with numerous publishing houses for which he studies and creates advertising campaigns and editorial illustrations for book and magazine covers.

From the 1980s the love for painting led to numerous collaborations with architectural firms for interior decoration. Many private homes around Italy are made more beautiful by his art. The techniques used for interior decoration are the most varied: Trompe L’oeil, fake marble, fake frescoes, Grisaille, etc.

Nowadays, many people are tired of having prefabricated furnishings at home, so they decide to customize their homes with artistic decorations by Luigina Castellana.

From 1993 to 1997 he collaborated with the UPTER Popular University of Rome. In addition to teaching drawing and Trompe L’oeil, he coordinates the Trompe L’oeil and drawing courses, draws up study programs and regulates the activity of teachers.

Since 1998 he has been teaching drawing and painting in group courses at his laboratory in Rome. Here he divides his teaching activity with that of an artist, for illustrations, interior decorations and paintings of various kinds.

The techniques taught are many, including: drawing, pastels, chalks, acrylic, watercolor oil, mixed technique, decoration techniques such as Trompe l'oeil, grisaille, imitation marbles and woods, grotesques, fake ceramics, dry.

The mastery with which she ranges between the various artistic skills has led her to have hundreds of students, still enthusiastic about the artistic path taught.

Dimensions 42 × 52 cm

Oil on Canvas