Pelle con cerniera


The work is made in a single piece carved in the foam and then covered with plastic cement (jesmonite) and fiberglass,
the surface is then painted and oxidized (protected with acrylic paint and wax) the sculpture is placed on a pedestal of oxidized iron
treated with transparent varnish, which acts as a general frame and sets the perfect observation point.
The total weight is about 40kg.


Tecnique: Jesmonite
Lenght: 50 cm
Height: 65 cm

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I was born in Ostia Lido on April 13, 1970, the third son of Anna and Roberto .... I grow up studio I create my
relationship with the material with the clay and sand of the sea, my first elements of comparison with the sculpture,
I do many different jobs, all in fields (boating, motorcycle construction, etc.) where I got to know the
plastic materials and foams, artistic high school almost to the academy then the compulsory military first stop
…… after a few years the Flesh Art award arrives, it seemed that I had to start again the disappearance of
my father, life suddenly bursts with a straight leg and I decide to change course, wife, children everything
beautiful, a lot of work and commitment, work successes, all right I create a brewery, travel and
commercialization all over the world (… ..and again the blackout…. I sell the company, one year
of reflection and then the covid arrives, I decide to go and pick up the interrupted thread.
…. it was 2020 and I decided to start again with artistic competitions, to get back into production, to get out of my mind and
returning to the real world, I started working on my new brand, my own brand, this is the year
of heliomycelium,
I picked up the speech left interrupted, I turned 50 during the crisis of
Coronavirus .. an extended but useful time to reflect and decide, almost dreamy, in some ways really
The leitmotif of my life is the photogram, those little moments that remain in memory, instants
that characterized everything that happened before and after.
Now we are in August 2021, the theme is the skin and the bond of it with our deepest self.

1985-1989 Diploma superiore 50/60 presso il quarto liceo artistico "Alessandro Caravillani " Roma Italia.
Mostre e concorsi:
1990 mostra collettiva studenti del Caravillani presso il IV Liceo artistico. Roma, Italia.
1998 Concorso Nazionale prima Biennale Flash Art, Trevi nell’Umbria Italia.
1999 2019 STOP sospensione delle attività artistiche.
2020 nasce il brand “eliomicelio”
2021 nasce il tema Pelli da indossare
1998 pubblicato nella prima edizione cartacea della biennale d'Italia di arte contemporanea a cura della
rivista Flash Art . Opera senza titolo di Elio Miceli- Resina, allumino e sabbia, pagina 339, codice ISBN non
presente sul volume.
1998 Primo classificato alla Prima biennale di arte contemporanea presso il Trevi Flash Art Museum, con
votazione del pubblico e acquisto dell’opera in concorso da parte del museo di Trevi.

Dimensions 50 × 65 cm