A Mare X

Antonella Spanò


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 60 cm
Height: 50 cm

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Antonella Spanò

Antonella Spanò was born in 1978 in Monza, Italy, and here she attended the school of Fashion Designer.
It is the first approach to art that he experiences but soon realizes that it is figurative art that best represents his human nature.
She lives and works in his studio house in Brugherio, between Milan and Monza. That she became a painter was probably written but it was not only chance that guided her, but her obstinacy in painting and expressing herself through painting since she was a child. He has exhibited in collective and personal exhibitions and draws inspiration from his emotions, from his personal inner journey and from the daily study that he transforms into unique collections with an obsessive attention to the details of painting.
Her painting is lucid, powerful and capable of immediately transmitting strong emotions, his works give the location a point of pure wonder.
Specialized in blue and its wonderful shades, to which it associates warmth, lightness, darkness, breath, introspection and strength.
"Painting is play and concentration. It is staying two days in a single centimeter of the canvas. It is calm and storm, precision and madness at the same time. It is instinct, but not without preparation.
The canvas is only 50% of the work, the other 50% is all that comes first "

Dimensions 60 × 50 cm

Oil on Canvas