Anima Aristocratica

Loretta Pavani

Anima Aristocratica – Poliuretano e acrylic on canvas

Tecnique: Poliuretano E Acrylic On Canvas
Lenght: 100 cm
Height: 80 cm
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Loretta Pavani

I was born in Milan on 06/01/1964 and live in San Giorgio Bigarello of Mantua. At 14 I attended private drawing courses in the studio of Maestro R. Fontana. In the 90s I enrolled in the Morandi Circle in the city of Mirandola, attending various courses for years in: painting, drawing and sculpture. I worked for 2 years in a ceramic research laboratory, learning the art of third fire. The rest is passion, a lot of commitment, research and study of materials, with which I can express myself at best. I paint, design and experiment with new materials to express what I feel. With a critical eye, I try to tell our time through my works

In 2015 I participated in the group painting which took place in Venice at the Scoletta di San Zaccaria, thanks to the San Vidal dell’Ucai art center. In January 2016 thanks to the patronage of the Municipality of Mirandola; I was able to do my first solo show at the Aula Magna “Rita Levi Montalcini” entitled: “The forms of art: experimenting between matter and color”. In May 2016 I was able to exhibit one of my works at the Biennial of the City of Turin. In March 2017 I participated in the “Vette dell’arte” competition in the Municipality of Sestriere (To). Year 2018 I exhibited at the Innsbruk Biennial with the gallery “La telaccia” of Monia Malimpensa in Turin. Collective year 2018 “Women of Art” in the Gallery “La Telaccia” of Monia Malimpensa in Turin. Personal year 2019 at the M.A.D. by Lucia Quasimodo in the center of the city of Mantua.

Dimensions 100 × 80 cm





Poliuretano E Acrylic On Canvas