Emmanuela Zavattaro


Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 70 cm
Height: 50 cm

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Emmanuela Zavattaro

Emmanuela Zavattaro was born in 1974 in Cuneo (Italy), where she lived her childhood. She graduated in Education Sciences from the University of Turin and started working early in the social field. She discovered the talent of painting a few years ago, in 2014 following an accident that forced her to stand still for a long time. Self-taught, in addition to the canvas, she prefers poor supports such as honeycomb cardboard, enriched with recycled pieces, powders and natural materials; she uses acrylic paint. Emmanuela conceives the painting above all as an expression of her own inner search, of her being a woman in relationship with the other and with the world.

Dimensions 70 × 50 cm

Acrylic on canvas