by Maria Laura Balestra


Tecnique: Acrylics And Plaster On Fabric
Lenght: 49 cm
Height: 88 cm
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Maria Laura Balestra

Maria Laura Balestra was born in Naples and lived between Tuscany and Rome where
he currently resides and works.
His studies are anything but artistic, but the passion for drawing, manifested since
as a child, the experiences of working in the cinema and the many trips that enrich her
cultural and emotional baggage, lead her to approach painting.
He began his artistic career in 2004 by attending a watercolor course, but
this technique too “delicate” soon gives way to a material painting on canvas
large dimensions built personally using old furnishing fabrics and
of theatrical costumes, mixing acrylics with sand and plaster that he spreads on fabrics
precious, trimmings, yarns and leather that ripple and offer themselves to lights and shadows
natural, almost wearing his warrior figures, boys but especially women
always Africans of various ethnicities.
Maria Laura identifies herself; his message is that of a deep empathy with i
his characters who strike with their eyes of a lived without hope, that
they seem to denounce the precariousness of their existence, but they are also lucid about
pride and dignity!
In 2009 he began exhibiting in collective exhibitions in Tuscany, Rome and Milan.
From the fascination for Africa and the meeting with the photographer Giancarlo Crocicchia,
the Tangibile-Immaginario exhibition is born (Nettuno Forte Sangallo, August 2011) in the
which the artist personally re-elaborates the photos of one of the many reportages of
Giancarlo in Ethiopia.
Another important exhibition is Metamorfosi (Roma Spazio 85, May 2014) a tribute
to the masterpieces of great masters of the past, reinterpreted by the artist portraying
African models in the role of Women and Madonnas who continue to fascinate from
In 2018 Maria Laura, together with her daughter Noa Tahita, made a large mural for the
“Mile of Art” in Rome.
His works are present in many private collections in Italy and abroad.

Dimensions 49 × 88 cm





Acrylics And Plaster On Fabric