Bum Bum Andy Ii

by Francesco Campanella

Bum Bum Andy Ii is an artwork by Francesco Campanella

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Dimensions: 373710 cm

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Francesco Campanella

Every day we see the walls of our cities covered with torn posters, writings and drawings. Observing them we imagine the characteristics of that society, we stop to think about why that writing was inserted in that place, what the author wanted to communicate, what its unconscious meaning may be.
Francesco Campanella approaches the world of art taking inspiration from the street, inventing his style given by a combination of informal and street-art. His action painting, instinctive, gestural that comes from an explosion of colors, which uses a deep symbolism, a writing, a word, a sign affects the artist’s imagination, lying on the canvas, the object comes to life and the composition is created, the impulse is added to the colors, other signs up to the complete fulfillment of the mind, only at that moment will the work be complete and the artist will be satisfied with his work, but this depends on the mood , from the sensations that Francesco feels in that instant and from the emotions that a single element awakens in him …

Author: Francesco Campanella
Title: Bum Bum Andy Ii
Size: 37x37x10 Cm
Type: Painting

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Dimensions 373710 cm
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