Cavalli Pensanti Sovrapposti N°19

by Michele Fiocco

Cavalli Pensanti Sovrapposti N°19 – Digital image

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Michele Fiocco

Usually they are always third people to speak and decipher the language of an artist but, I would like to experience a simple and immediate way to communicate who my works are, or rather, what they say about me. I like to think that, in front of one of my works, its owner has the opportunity to mirror himself daily on it in search of new elements that grow with him because the human soul is always in evolution. And then it could be that in the work we often see something different because the mood of the observer is different. Here is why the representation of objects present in a constant way in the life and home of normal people .. Because I turn to them first, so that they can afford a little break in front of a work of art and can see through my eyes, what they have always seen but never observed.

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And what about the horse or horse shape sometimes true sometimes game, metaphor of fiction that becomes reality or vice versa …. Being animals made of flesh and instinct is also a game, a game to which we humans are also subjected, in order not to run the risk of taking ourselves alone and only too seriously. But being “superior” animals because they are endowed with conscience and free will, is also a big responsibility …. we are not always up to it, and often animals (dogs or horses for example) prove to use their hearts much more than we humans. Here is the provocation of the represented hearts linked much more to the actions of the animals rather than those of the men …. I wish myself and anyone who observes these works to never stop traveling and discover new things in them. If this is the case, our evolution will be constant and we will not forget our true essence that goes beyond matter and lives in the daily rediscovery of ourselves and of the world in which we live.

Good trip to all.


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