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Antonella Santini


Tecnique: Polymaterial on canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 60 cm

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Antonella Santini

Antonella Santini is an Italian contemporary visual artist (painting, pittosculpture and design), born in Tuscany in Massa Marittima on May 17, 1957. In 1960 the family moved to Lombardy to Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese. Santini lives her childhood period above all by attending her cousins ​​“Ughi” and, stimulated by the well-known internationally renowned violinist Uto Ughi, her second cousin, she dedicates herself to musical studies. She develops a remarkable sensitivity towards the different artistic forms, with a strong predilection for the visual arts. A passion that will lead her to choose higher artistic studies.

She graduated from the Paolo Candiani Art School, Brera section. Among his masters we remember Giuliano Ottaviani, Giuseppe Rebesco, Franco Fossa and Aldo Neri.

Santini carefully follows contemporary visual art and is fascinated by informal abstractionism. She is strongly inspired by great masters among which the work of Alberto Burri stands out. Matter becomes a substantial part of Antonella Santini's creative interests.

His path of personal and creative growth continues without interruption. In 1976 she is in Paris. The Parisian artistic atmosphere, the creative fervor that could be breathed, completely involves Santini and will contribute in an intense way to the continuous development of the artist's mindset.

Santini's path seems to have been traced but the premature death of her father, who is strongly loved, forces her to undertake studies that will detach her from art as she was living it up to that moment.

1991 marks another decisive moment for Santini. Meet Gianluca Ronchetti who will become her husband and father of their children. For Santini, a strong collaboration begins with her husband in the family business, Rotex and, at the same time, collaborates with the Belgian company Aquanova and the well-known textile company Siretex in Paris. Antonella Santini still carries out a creative activity, mostly dealing with the study of design and materials for the production of home collections of well-known Italian brands such as Valentino, Blue Marine, La Perla, Armani.
At the beginning of the 2000s, the artistic activity, never abandoned, returned to cover Santini's main interest. Life experiences, work experiences, ideas and new visions lead her to the realization of a new project through which she manages to make her art, above all material, visible and shared. Thus the fabrics and papers of the sketches are “sublimed” in decorative art. Here again the material is transformed into art through Santini's “hands, heart and brain”.

To date Antonella Santini could be placed in a contemporary neo-conceptual current, with a decidedly informal and clearly material style. The use of matter allows the artist to create a relationship of "dynamic balance" between figure and background aimed at enhancing the study and research process which, for the artist, is always in progress. Each work thus takes shape and above all "comes to life". The dynamism of Santini's multi-material paintings and sculptures, obtained through their three-dimensionality, places the observer in an active role in the construction of the aesthetic experience and in active listening to the message. In this, Santini fully grasps the objective of interacting with the spectator of informal art.

Having returned to the foreground of the pictorial and pictorial activity, for Santini it becomes a real need, more than it was previously, to start a process of sharing and greater definition of her own identity as an artist. Her material works thus find their place in numerous private collections, demonstrating Santini's ability to arouse concrete interest in the new contemporary art collection and in 2021 she obtained the Artingout coefficient for the first time for the orientation quotation of her creative production.

Dimensions 80 × 60 cm

Polymaterial on canvas