by Luigi Preziosi

Covoni – Oil on wood

Tecnique: Oil On Wood
Lenght: 50 cm
Height: 40 cm

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Luigi Preziosi

Luigi Preziosi born in Bust Arsizio on 20/4/1964 resides and works in Lonate pozzolo small town in the province of Varese. I have always drawn since I was a child; at the age of 8, I was drawing comics, my favorites were the Walt Disney characters. At the age of 16 I lost my dad early and due to various economic problems, to help my mom, my sister and my brother, at the age of 14, after finishing compulsory school, I immediately entered the world of work and I was unable to attend the art school or the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, which was my dream. I got married and had two children, but it is known that the pleasures of father and husband and the duties of work leave room for a short time and this has “forced” me to have to put aside the drawing for a few years. I started drawing again in 1989, and I started visiting museums, art exhibitions, watching documentaries on other artists and I gradually became passionate (like many others) with Impressionist and Divisionist painting. Some of my favorite artists whose works I admire are Monet, Degas, Pizarro, Renoir, George Seurat, Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, Gaetano Previati, … but also other great artists such as Jackson Pollok, Emilio Scanaviano, or even great masters like the Japanese Katsushita Hokusai and William Turner.

I live, by choice, in the countryside and this has helped me to observe nature a lot and over the years, influenced by the works of my favorite artists, I have come to concentrate my work mainly studying the structure of a simple field. It is difficult for me to explain in words what I do, but when I look at a field I not only sell its colors, but what attracts me is that complex set of signs and lines that make them different from each other. In my paintings I show an entire landscape, but my future goal will be to be able to concentrate only on a specific part of a field and to be able to convey to the viewer the beauty and strength of that set of signs that the field make up. Because I think that’s where real beauty lies, not only in color and in the whole. I think, of course, that I was influenced by the Impressionist and Divisionist school, but unfortunately or fortunately this did not affect my way of observing and painting, leaving me full freedom to create. I am an “old man” let’s say, I have been painting for almost 30 years, and I learned that painting is not only a beautiful picture, but that behind it there must be concrete ideas. I am not very good at words, someone said that for a painter, that for any artist it is always difficult to explain in words what it feels, what you think, what you do, but I still hope I managed to make mine understand thought and even more I hope that my thought will be understood through my paintings.

Dimensions 50 × 40 cm





Oil On Wood