Salvatore Petrucino

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Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 70 cm
Height: 60 cm

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Salvatore Petrucino

Salvatore Petrucino in art Totò, always interested in art and fond of chess, began his pictorial journey in 2010. In his paintings inspired mostly by the surreal-metaphysical style, suggested suggestions shadow games with which he tries to express the his ideas, his moods and his deepest feelings: the shadows, the absolute protagonist of his works, always different from the subject depicted, let dreams, emotions and daily fears emerge. Chess, another dominant theme of his works, merging with the shadows create imaginative images that aim to communicate a pure stimulus to the sensitivity of those who "read" his paintings.
There are numerous personal exhibitions in his Latin hometown and in Rome. In 2014 he participated in the Galleria de Montecarlo, representing Italy in the Principality of Monaco with great success. In 2015 he was present with his works at RomArt, the first edition of the International Biennial of Art and Culture. Also in 2015 he participated in the Venetian National Award for the city of Padua. In 2016, after being selected, he participates in the Rome Biennale and receives the prize as first place in the painting competition at the CAOS of Terni on the occasion of the second chess Open. In 2017 he was present again in Veneto and exhibited his works at the Maison d’art Padova art market. In 2018 he successfully participated in the Umbria Art Festival. In 2019 he exhibited his works virtually for the first time at the Velazquez Madrid prize. Also in 2019, it receives the association award, the Ovopinto museum in Civitella del lago (TR).

Author: Salvatore Petrucino
Title: Diversita’
Size: 70×60 Cm
Type: Painting

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Dimensions 70 × 60 cm
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Acrylic on canvas