Alessandra Tabarrani


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 90 cm

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Alessandra Tabarrani

I was born in Pisa "a few years ago" .. I moved to Turin at a very young age and now I live in a small town, Pianezza, 14 km from the Piedmontese capital.
I approached the world of painting for only thirteen years, but, according to critics who have reviewed some of my works, "there was a small grain of artistic inspiration in me for a long time".
I worked with my husband for 30 years and at some point I decided it was time to do something else. By pure chance I attended a painting course and it was then that I started painting.
I still remember with emotion the first time I bought brushes and colors: everything was new to me .. but I think I immediately felt a strong charge and a great passion.
The colors for me were LIFE! ..yellow, red, green, blue, orange, purple ... and all the various shades of my palette .. made me dream! ..so I understood with great amazement that through color, I could express my feelings: in front of my canvas I magically enter an enchanted world!
After this first approach, I wanted to deepen my new passion: I took private lessons from a young magnificent artist, Milena Casale, who knew how to understand me right away and helped me to acquire important technical notions.
Initially I was inspired by a great impressionist "Claude Monet" and over the years I have begun to develop my own style which, through the use of color, allows me to express all my love for life.
My first admirer and great admirer has always been my husband Renato and my three wonderful daughters have been my personal critics since my first steps.
I feel I still have a lot of things to learn and even more to express in my works .. in these few lines, I have tried to put into words a little of my experience and my emotions .. hoping in reality to be able to to transmit a little of me through my canvases ... and to make you feel a pinch of my soul!

Dimensions 80 × 90 cm

Oil on Canvas