Enzo Ferrari

Stefan Johansson


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 152 cm
Height: 182 cm

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Stefan Johansson

Stefan Johansson spent most of his life racing cars, with a 10 year career in
Formula 1, driving for teams such as Ferrari and McLaren and winning the
prestigious Le Mans 24 hour race for Porsche. He spent over 30 years racing
at the highest levels of Motorsport where he continuously tried to perfect
the craft of driving a race car at the limits of it’s performance. In parallel he
always had a strong interest in Art and Design, but it wasn’t until his close
friend and driver colleague Elio De Angelis was killed in a racing accident
in 1986 that he decided to pick up a canvase and a brust to paint something
in his honor. 34 years later this has evolved into a new way of life and he
now spends the same time and focus to perfect the craft of being an Artist as
he used to when he was racing, creating new paintings and designs from his
studio in Santa Monica, California.
Drawing inspiration from his previous career as a Formula 1 Racing Driver,
each painting in the series Memories of a Past Life is named after a corner or
a section of various Grand Prix circuits around the world

Dimensions 152 × 182 cm

Oil on Canvas