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Gladys Colmenares


Tecnique: Acrylic & oil on wood
Lenght: 40 cm
Height: 40 cm

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Gladys Colmenares

Gladys Colmenares Italo-Venezuelan artist presents herself with a repertoire of works,
where the expressive freedom released through the lively and multiform colors
captures the attention of the beholder.
Often they are "assemblages" or sculptures, formed by colored panels, on which they are
inserted shelves or hollowed out concavities, which support small or small collection objects
large figures in wood, plastic or metal.

Sometimes they are installations: as well as in object-paintings or assemblages,
the playful aspect is well present. They are large or small artifacts where they meet
surreality, fun, invention and a touch of irreverence; can be read and
understood by all, thanks to the visual joy they can give, the fantasy and the magic of
In the “paintings, an extraordinary capacity for thematic elaboration allows
address abstraction and metaphorical issues in a very personal language
rhythmic in flickering chromatisms ".
As part of her artistic career they have written and published about her: Varese
Month, La Prealpina, Italian Packaging, Il sole 24 ore, Juliet Art Magazine, Living is
Life, Dark White.
He has set up numerous solo and group exhibitions in London, Paris, Caracas,
Prague, Berlin, Milan, Bologna, Rome, Mantua, Florence, Genoa, Venice
enjoying great success from the public and critic

Dimensions 40 × 40 cm

Acrylic & oil on wood