Fuor d’acqua

Giada Lom


Tecnique: Tecnica Mista On Canvas
Lenght: 60 cm
Height: 120 cm

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Giada Lom

Giada Lombardi aka Giada Lom, is an artist born in Turin in 1983, she begins her own
path at the Art School, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, where she attended the first painting course and then Restoration course. During these years it is getting closer and closer to tattoo world. Familiar world to her, she had her father under her eyes as a child who was employed in this art, during her adolescence she too began to experiment with needles and ink on his skin.
Giada never stops painting, before she works at a tattoo studio like
apprentice, then in 2009 he opens two in two different regions, painting continues to act as a leader background to his research and life path.
What feeds his poetics is the search for the 'sign', understood by the artist as
perfection of non-verbal language, trace, direction.
Since 2017, the artist has increasingly felt the need to express himself through the medium painterly, he uses abstractionism more and more while maintaining a conceptual vision and of introspective research, working with language that plays between the delicate balances of form - not shape and color.
In 2019 he begins to exhibit in several Milanese galleries
Currently, Giada Lom is the owner of an avantgarde-inspired tattoo studio
-conceptual, where in addition to tattooing he produces and exhibits works of a pictorial nature.

Dimensions 60 × 120 cm

Tecnica Mista On Canvas