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Glass of freedom

Maria Rosaria Tedesco (Mery's Art)

Tecnique: Acrylic on paper
Lenght: 50 cm
Height: 65 cm

Maria Rosaria Tedesco (Mery's Art)

Italian artist of Lucanian origins class 90.
The artist faces her fears by confronting color, painting the emotions she previously hid from herself.
Maria Rosaria through this chromotherapeutic psychological path, manages to empathically condition the sensations of those who look at her paintings, releasing in the individual who observes those emotions dampened by the emotional standards that are sometimes imposed.
Her training began as a child: painting the walls of the house, affirming her passions at the A.Alfano art institute and later graduating in the Florentine environment, at the Nemo NT academy of illustrative and digital arts.

Dimensions 50 × 65 cm

Acrylic on paper