Vibrazioni golose, melagrana

Oria Strobino


Tecnique: Mixed Media On Wood
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 70 cm

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Oria Strobino

Self-taught artists. She loves experimenting with all painting techniques and almost always builds the supports for painting herself.
She set up the first exhibition in 1993 in Cesenatico and has never stopped since then, setting up personal exhibitions and participating in collective, impromptu and art fairs, in Italy, Germany, California, New York and Bangkok.
She has won several awards, participating in national and international art competitions.
In 2017 she was awarded an "Honorary Degree" from the International Academy of Dioscuri.

In 2006 he participated in the first edition of the exhibition organized by Artexplora "L'Occhio Surpreso", with Guido Guidi, Tinin Mantegazza, Massimo Pulini, Adriano Maraldi, Massimiliano Fabbri, Anton Roca, Dorothy Gray, Monica Fellini, working with the pupils of the Primary School 3rd class with the project “To be or to appear”.
"The Surprised Eye" was a project that put children and young people in relationship with artists, allowing them to enter the world of the adult artist, his concrete work, his emotions and motivations.

In 2008 he completed a very demanding job, which lasted more than four years, which resulted in traveling exhibitions and the publication of a book.
The exhibition and the book Being Woman, which includes 40 paintings and related texts, is an excursus on the female condition through the centuries, with moments of reflection that are independent of ideologies, religions and conventions, but which wish to focus attention on the social role and on the peaks of excellence achieved by women in the 2000 years of known history, the exhibition aims to be a tribute to women of value, as well as to the ability, tenacity and will of women who have allowed them to play a conscious and recognized role.
The entire book is visible online by entering the website: and clicking on BEING A WOMAN

In stark contrast to previous and more recent artistic expressions, with the theme "VIBRATIONS", it intends to highlight controversial and difficult to read moods.
In these works he uses color to indicate the inexpressible, present in the various states of mind .... but if it is true that: "Art reveals to hearts what no science can reveal to minds" ... as Virgil teaches us, then this is a challenge that can be accepted.
The whirlwind of emotions that life creates, incessantly, moment by moment, tries to stop it, to merge it with the portrayed figure: to express the sensations, the vibrations, the energy that the same

Dimensions 80 × 70 cm

Mixed Media On Wood