Grow Your Mind

Maria Marta Racca

Grow Your Mind is an artwork by Maria Marta Racca

Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 100 cm
Height: 70 cm
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Maria Marta Racca

was born in Savigliano (CN) in 1967. Since childhood, my main interest is drawing, which as a teenager develops in black and white, with particular attention to portraiture.
For several reasons my studies cannot follow the artistic path. My official cultural base is therefore oriented towards economics, marketing and commercial studies.
Deepening of studies with private English school, mother tongue teacher, with exam at the Polytechnic of Turin and achievement of the First Certificate in English.
Although never abandoning the artistic world, experimenting with different techniques on different materials, work in the logistics sector forced me to stay away from art for long periods.
In the last few years I have exploited the labor crisis positively, therefore, having more time available, I have created my small studio, where I paint and experiment.
Particularly appreciated are the murals that I painted personally and on commission, although I prefer oil paintings for portraiture and, later also acrylic on canvas, with particular inspiration firstly only in pictorial realism, then moving on to clear hints of surrealism and abstractionism ..
I paint everything that manages to communicate emotion and new experiences. I am happy to focus on black and white paintings, to then add my version of Action Painting with bright colors. I use the latter to express everything that the human eye cannot see, but that the heart perceives, both positive and negative.
I love to express the concepts in this way, sometimes more deeply, other times in a simpler and more immediate way, but I am convinced that through art it can express much of what I see and think of human beings, of their strengths and weaknesses, without ever forgetting one of my latest personal achievements: irony. The “discovery” of this key to interpreting life, both personal and of the world around me, is for me in all respects what characterizes my way of painting.
I would still like to underline that, even if at first glance, one of my paintings could be considered “light”, there is always a deeper intrinsic meaning, which I would personally see as “an account outstanding with life”.
To this recent passion of mine for Action Painting has recently been added the desire to give a wider scope to the realistic subjects of my paintings, using a modern urban style for the background. In the foreground there is therefore a real subject, of which desires and emotions are legible. In the background, I would like the pressiness of our times to stand out, an era in which everything has already been seen and where one is no longer enthusiastic about anything, with the exception of those who use the soul, who do not have a simple life. And here I return to my concept of “account outstanding with life”.

Author: Maria Marta Racca
Title: Grow Your Mind
Size: 100×70 Cm
Type: Painting

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 70 cm
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Acrylic on canvas