Il bacio di Tiche

Rosanna Cerutti


Tecnique: Tecnica Mista On Canvas
Lenght: 70 cm

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Rosanna Cerutti

I was born in the neighbourhood of Turin and since I was a child I manifested my vocation for every form of art. Being educated in catholic schools, attending fashion academy and the work experience acquired in touristic resorts, led to a raising need of expressing my inner self through dance, theatre, singing and drawing.

In may 2009, as an outcome of my will to make a special gift for a friend’s wedding I felt the urge to convey my feelings through painting which led me to the creation of my very first work; the starting point of a path that generated a growing need to communicate emotions.

Today my subjects are “WOMEN” and their “MOODS”, through which I try to transmit sensations waving between dream and reality, constantly looking for bright and colourful atmospheres which are fundamental to me.

Having always been fascinated by mysticism and supernatural, I started a series of works named “Tarots”. Playing with symbolic and personal interpretations I give a shape, a depiction and a face to the key elements of the so-called “Sacred Science”: the 22 “Major Arcana”.

Dimensions 70 cm

Tecnica Mista On Canvas