Il disagio nella civiltà

Giulia De Martino


Tecnique: Oil on juta
Lenght: 240 cm
Height: 140 cm

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Giulia De Martino

Giulia De Martino is a Sicilian painter who deals with abstract art whose works have been exhibited nationally. Her path began with psychology, having a degree in clinical psychology she was very inspired by Freud and the study of the unconscious. He deals with painting and drawing, the goal is to be able to represent a unique and intuitive language through the use of chromatic research, a dimension suspended between dream and inner reality. Creating a bridge with the unconscious mediate the spontaneity and immediacy of color. His paintings never have a structure that precedes their creation, it is color and the unconscious that guide it. Feeling precedes the total perception of the work.

Dimensions 240 × 140 cm

Oil on juta