Il Dubbio E’ L’inizio Della Saggezza

Daniela Carcano

Il Dubbio E’ L’inizio Della Saggezza is an artwork by Daniela Carcano

Tecnique: Tecnica Mista On Canvas
Lenght: 40 cm
Height: 40 cm
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Daniela Carcano

Born a few kilometers from Milan (Novate Milanese) I studied Advertising Graphics.
My professional life, however, took place in completely different areas and after years I can say that the time spent away from my true passion turned out to be a sort of maturing crucible for what would later become the real commitment: painting and decoration.

My style has been defined as “emotional figurative” and this is what I aspire to create a communication channel between me and the observer, a sort of empathic sharing of my emotions.
I love to experiment with different techniques and materials, some of my works are the result of a real artisan construction, also made of wooden dowels, screws, etc. The three-dimensional effect fascinates me and this is why I sometimes insert different materials into the canvases such as fabric, plaster, sand etc. Nonetheless, I also love the pure graphic line that I express on the tip of my nib with black ink.
Diversifying the techniques allows me to travel more freely, just as painting has become an essential element for me. I like to sum it all up in a quote borrowed from a writer friend: “I paint because I breathe better”

I live in Cinisello Balsamo and besides painting, doing exhibitions (see History), decorating interiors, I occasionally collaborate with bookstores, writers and publishers in the design of book covers, event logos.

Author: Daniela Carcano
Title: Il Dubbio E’ L’inizio Della Saggezza
Size: 40×40 Cm
Type: Painting

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 cm
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Tecnica Mista On Canvas