Il mare è blu

Ezio Francescotti


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 110 cm
Height: 100 cm

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Ezio Francescotti

Ezio Francescotti born in Ivrea in the Province of Turin on February 20, 1950, lives and works in San Martino Canavese in the Province of Turin, and I study in Via Verdi 58 Strambino TO. He is also the inventor of the famous construction game for children "MONTURELLO", the most beautiful game that sharpens the brain, where he was inspired to create his large sculptures that he defines with a word of his own invention "MONTURE", in how much he considers them mounted sculptures, defining himself as a painter and milker. They are made with tubes and balls in enamelled plastic and stainless steel. They are large mounts to embellish gardens, atriums of buildings, roundabouts, etc.
You can contact him for free estimates and / or information at 335 276111 he will respond personally.
He says about him: I am constantly researching because I am always convinced that tomorrow I will do better than what I have achieved today. This leads me to continuously experiment with new ways, new expressive techniques.
I painted with all materials, ancient and modern, using what technology makes available to me, I paint on hardboard, canvas, paper, forex chipboard, pvc, oilcloth, aluminum, I use brushes, spatulas, fingers, sponges, rubbers, sticks etc.
I scratch, I blow enamels, acrylics, tempera, oil and all that is color.
I alternate years without painting, to years of pictorial and non-pictorial research, almost spasmodic, which sometimes leads me to do even three paintings a day.

Dimensions 110 × 100 cm

Oil on Canvas