Impression Klimt 1: Adele’s Kuss

Mike & Madeleine Bülow


Tecnique: Fine Art Print, Epson 11880 auf Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC 310g/qm
Lenght: 236 cm
Height: 160 cm

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Mike & Madeleine Bülow

Mike and Madeleine Bülow's work, is a multimedia work, and consists of several working steps, which deals with the coincidence, flowing paint, and the laws of nature. In the process, intuitively explore the emerging small paint sculptures, in three-dimensional space, in a liquid. Important in their work is the perspective, and the view of the object that is created. Because each perspective, lets the subject, appear differently, for example, by light and shadow. The coincidence is thereby a fixed constant, to repeat nothing, to innovatively re-create, and compositions of colors and shapes emerge, which can not be conceived. They create a basic situation, by introducing color into a liquid. Later, their intervention is minimal and limited to a few drops of color that are intuitively brought into the action.
However, it is not, as in automatism, without intention. It is the intention and tasks position that determines the outcome of their work. This sharpens the senses to capture the emerging through artistic photography. Thus, for example, music of Claude Debussy, but also electronic music becomes the subject. But also visual events are used for research, examined and compared. Thus the photographs of the Hubble telescope serve, likewise for intuitive interpretation, their work. With the music it concerns to make sounds visually visible in form and color and to interpret. Their work is completely different from Kandinsky's, which is on a two-dimensional plane. Mike and Madeleine's work, in the process of creation, is just like sounds moving through space, a three-dimensional sculpture, of paint, also moving through space, and currently can only be made visible through photography or video. Since these objects are too fleeting and too small to be captured by the naked eye.

Dimensions 236 × 160 cm

Fine Art Print, Epson 11880 auf Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC 310g/qm