Indipendent woman

Alessandra Mandolesi


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 50 cm
Height: 70 cm

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Alessandra Mandolesi

Alessandra Mandolesi was born in Marino (Rome) in 1980 and in 1999 obtained the Diploma of the Art Institute in Architecture and Furniture at the Paolo Mercuri State Institute of Art in Marino.
Alessandra Mandolesi's art is the result of her intense artistic and spiritual journey which consists of two phases: the search for perfection and the discovery of emotion.
In the first phase of intense studies, Alessandra follows in the footsteps of the great classical and Renaissance masters in pursuit of stylistic and artistic perfection.
This is because the inner yearning of the human being pushes it à la recherche of something that can definitively give meaning to existence.
Alessandra, then, arrives like Dante's Ulysses at the threshold of the last known border of the Pillars of Hercules and with the cry of "You were not made to live like brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge" goes beyond it.
Yet, right there, where everything should end in nothing, infinity begins and in front of it how can you reach perfection in a single life? Hamletic doubt torments the artist for years.
If perfection is unattainable, another way must be followed: that of the heart and truth.
Alessandra, then, is artistically and spiritually reborn in the new light of the true interior. The search for perfection changes into that of one's own identity, one's own ego.
The artist crosses every space-time boundary and plunges into the unicum of his history, to recover and rediscover every part of himself, lost, torn, forgotten or unknown and attaches it to the heart and soul.
Thus, the author weaves the right garment: the true art of Alessandra Mandolesi is born.
The work Yes. I am is the watershed, the banner, the symbol of a new era. The fragments of herself, like a mosaic, compose the elegant figure of the woman, who stands out in all her femininity and sensuality on a red field, a symbol of the beginning of the season of emotions.
Each woman represented is, therefore, a new Big Bang, a universe that Alessandra builds brick by brick, piece by piece and gives with affection to the world.
In valuable paintings, mostly in oil and palette knife on canvas, the observer reader is invited to make a wonderful journey, sometimes not as a companion of Ulysses beyond the unknown, but as a Jason's argonaut upon reaching the goal: emotion is the golden fleece that can heal any inner and outer wound.
In this new phase, he develops an original style through the use of palette knives and oil paints.
The almost three-dimensional shapes are created using large quantities of color and sharp and decisive strokes that give shape and thickness to the painting.

Her very personal stylistic code takes shape from the encounter of his great passion for Renaissance art and realistic painting with his vibrant and expressive soul.
Spatula of oil colors take over the artist's figurative attitude, who manages to convey on the canvas, not only her skill and technical expertise, but also and above all her own ardent emotions.
The shapes are made almost three-dimensional by the chromatic material that gives thickness to the painting, the color responds to the artist's needs, superimposing signs and compositional planes in a rich alternation of density and reliefs.
The fleeting brushstrokes and the tonal games that are created convey the moods of the subjects represented, revealing reflections that appeal to the sensitivity of the more attentive observer, in an engaging narrative plot full of implications and allusions.
A well-framed, representative and original style, which through his works transports us into the universe of each of its elegant protagonists.

Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

Oil on Canvas