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Geppi Esposito


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 50 cm

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Geppi Esposito

Geppi (Giuseppe) Esposito, was born in Naples on August 26, 1954, where he still lives today.
He has a very broad professional curriculum: he graduated in medicine and then specialized in neuropsychiatry and psychotherapy, covering managerial roles in the specific field over the years. He has never ceased to be interested in the search for new ways of understanding the human being in its many facets. This interest led him to combine medical practice with training in the business field and in that of personal development; he continued to do psychotherapy experimenting with new creative intervention models. This professional career has always been accompanied by an innate passion for art, with a particular love for painting; he paints from an early age demonstrating technical skills superior to those expected of a self-taught person. In the period between the ages of 18 and 25 he participated in group exhibitions receiving various awards and favorable feedback. Since then he has never stopped painting, but he did it in a more intimate and personal dimension.
The author usually says that doing psychotherapy is an art in itself, but on the other hand, art is also a way of doing psychotherapy: a sign, a stain, a scribble suggest bizarre shapes in bright colors that sometimes combine with clearly recognizable figures; they become an opportunity to familiarize and express moods, feelings and emotions.
This creative process is realized in paintings with a rigorous compositional balance of shapes and colors capable of arousing surprise and wonder even in the same author who does not know what will come out of a randomly stained canvas.

Dimensions 80 × 50 cm

Oil on Canvas