La dolce Nala

Gennaro Posa


Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 90 cm
Height: 120 cm

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Gennaro Posa

A passion born by "chance".

Daily life full of pleasures but at the same time full of frustrations, pressures and thoughts make my "I" unstable. In recent years, with the further restrictions due to the pandemic, I have started looking for a value to give to what I think, what I am, what I want to convey. Without studies, without art schools, but only by freeing my mind I started to paint what I have always had inside, the "Chaos". On the canvas I imprint what my mind imagines at the moment, devoid of form and defined structure, and without reflecting, without programming it, I begin to free myself until I obtain a set of shapes, colors and feelings that up to that moment were not real but just ideas.

The paintings tell me what I want and above all WHO I AM.

Dimensions 90 × 120 cm

Acrylic on canvas