La protagonista

Bernardo Ariatta


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 60 cm

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Bernardo Ariatta

Bernardo Ariatta, aka Arbe, was born in Novara in 1966.
Since he was a child he has shown that attitude and passion for art that have guided him in his life choices. He graduated from the State Art School of Novara and from the Della Santa Institute as an advertising designer. Then his training continued with the study of the painting of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, in particular of the Caravaggesque works, through which he was able to analyze the compositional schemes and, above all, the importance of light and the visual relationship that the paintings of these centuries had managed to impose on users through extraordinarily effective scenographic and perceptive solutions. In the nineties, the Novara artist met the hyper-realist current and was captured by it. Since that time he has operated using its techniques and compositional schemes which, adapted to personal art thinking, have become the basis for building his own expressive identity.

Bernardo Ariatta's is a painting that in everyday life finds the most effective stimuli to operate the transformations that each artist carries out to communicate his thoughts, his sensibility, his emotions. Favorite subjects are still lifes that he combines with landscapes and the human figure. In his compositions of fruit and objects, the effects created by the light on glossy, transparent or reflective surfaces are very particular and very suggestive, which the creasing of aluminum sheets and cellophane shatter into infinite flashes, all varied in their perceptual refraction.

The hyper-realistic technique, with the close position of the subjects, the focus on details that escape the usual vision and the emphasis given to the lighting effects, allows him to obtain almost abstract and very personal compositions, in a painting imbued with tensions, dynamism and of those poetic suggestions that only attention and love for simple things are able to elicit. And it is to these that the artist, isolating them in silent spaces and making them emerge from dark backgrounds that cancel their real spatiality, entrusts the task of expressing that universal harmony that is the ultimate purpose of his painting.

In 2008, thanks also to the collaboration of her friend and curator Rosanna Cotugno, she began exhibiting in various Italian and foreign cities, in Chinese museums and fairs in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hefei and Beijing. In 2011 he participated, by invitation, in the 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi. Then again among collaborations, art fairs, collective and personal, it is present in Paris, Montecarlo, Holland, Milan, Turin, Novara, Genoa, Mantua, Ferrara, Stresa, Reggio Emilia and in Pavia to name a few. In 2018 he received the Special Mention award at the "3rd Festival of Figurative Art and Hyperrealism". In 2019 he participated in the #NOPIXEL exhibition in Sarnico (BG), a collective exhibition that brings together the most important realist painters in life. For several years he has been active teaching realist and hyperrealist painting at his studio in San Martino di Trecate (NO)

Dimensions 80 × 60 cm

Oil on Canvas