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Nicolò Nigri


Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 54 cm
Height: 36 cm

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Nicolò Nigri

Was born in the province of Verona in 1976.
He graduated in 2003 from the University of Architecture in Venice, his passion and interest in illustration and comics led him to painting which he arrived in 2018.
he soon discovers that he has a profound affinity with the Expressionist current both for the stylistic features and for the contents of his works, which are true narratives of fragments of life in which the protagonist is Man.
nicolò Nigri is one of those emerging artists who trained themselves, thus undertaking an intimate and personal path towards painting that led him to an expressive freedom that is still in profound evolution.
currently the artist is deepening his technique by attending specialization courses and workshops at the Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts in Verona.
after temporarily putting aside the drawing, with which today he intervenes only at a very advanced stage of the work, he prefers acrylic painting directly on canvas or paper, leaving ample room for improvisation and drawing on his own memory and imagination in creationof the subjects.in Nicolò Nigri's painting the protagonists are men and women, his research is in fact aimed at the understanding of human feelings, and his works are a means to feel their strength, weakness, fragility, beauty.
the artist's intention is to raise doubts, questions, empathy and understanding through his own poetic and (self) ironic vision of man.

"I say with painting what I cannot explain with wordsI paint fragments of life to be tasted, like a wafer to chew, to feel, understand, empathize. "

Dimensions 54 × 36 cm

Acrylic on canvas