Look at the sea

Max Olmi


Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 70 cm
Height: 100 cm

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Max Olmi

n Max’s painting, golf courses characterize all works.
In the canvases the intention is not to represent the wonderful golf scenarios, but something different.
With his pop and surrealist style at the same time, we are witnessing the transformation of these scenarios: you can notice strong tints, lines that define the landscapes, bright colors that contrast and vibrate each other, creating a strong atmosphere.
The intensity of the light wants to arouse strong emotions: the path becomes a surreal dream, a fairy tale imbued with bright colors, with sweet contours where also perceving the feeling of retro.
The observer is accompanied, like in life, towards a meta-objective, the flag, which is the focal point.
A road to travel, a destination in a suggestive, dreamlike, fairy-tale, nostalgic world.

Dimensions 70 × 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas