Mi illumino di immenso

Anna Poerio


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 90 cm
Height: 120 cm

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Anna Poerio

Anna Poerio in 1997 obtained a degree in Modern Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at the University of Oriental Studies of Naples.
In 2001 she founded the Alessandro Poerio Cultural Association and became its President, creating positive synergies and collaborations with renowned universities, libraries and study institutes to organize important events. In 2011, on the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, she established the Poerio Award.
A well-known artist on the contemporary scene, she has received numerous awards and recognitions in competitions and events, gaining wide acceptance from critics and industry experts and exhibiting in prestigious solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.
In possession of a strong sensitivity, Anna Poerio presents us with an extremely intimate figuration, rich in true values ​​and profound analysis in which significant aspects of both content and form coexist; it is a meditated, reassuring art that overwhelms us fully because it is deeply felt, in fact every detail in her paintings welcomes infinite moods. The grace, elegance and refinement in the use of shades and chromatic nuances are distinctive connotations of her evolutionary path, together with the skilful interweaving of light and chiaroscuro effects, which are projected on the canvases and create an immediate suggestion of great visual and emotional impact.

Dimensions 90 × 120 cm

Oil on Canvas