Samuele Labriola


Tecnique: Epoxy resin
Dimensions: 6 cm
Lenght: 100 cm

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Samuele Labriola

Samuele Labriola, aka Samezia_art, was born in Bergamo on April 17, 1990.
After years of work in the interior resin environment, he decides to embark on an artistic path, bringing with him the experience and passion for the world of resins, creating works that
can reach a wider audience.
The birth of the works therefore starts from a creative need that goes further
the preset spaces of work and home environments, using
supports that give the possibility to create artistic and design objects
can be placed in homes.
Characterized by an instinctive gesture, with a pure immediate aesthetic taste,
also dictated by the difficulty of processing the material itself and by the
timing binding to it, Samuel manages to give rise to true works
unique, inimitable and unrepeatable art, varying from the monochromatic choice
to the variation of colors.
The artist creates the effect of his works through chemical reactions and interference of viscosity to create elaborate compositions that want to materialize the wonders of the universe.
A path born of curiosity but with the aim of continuing
expressive evolution.

Dimensions 100 × 6 cm

Epoxy resin