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Tecnique: Tecnica Mista On Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 60 cm

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Born in 1962 Gianluigi Filippini in Art JEANFILIP lives and works near Milan.
At the end of the compulsory school, despite having the intention of enrolling in a high school of art, he is forced to abandon the study to give financial support to his family, he was only fourteen years old and therefore enters the world of work, first as a lithographer. and later as a color variant for clothing and furniture fabrics. Destiny wants his work to be immersed in colors.
Indeed Jeanfilip. never neglects his natural talent, always devoting himself to drawing and painting. In 1985 he enrolled in the Antonello da Messina art school in Legnano, (Italy) directed by Maestro Santo Nania.
He attended it for six years, devoting himself to the study of the figure and the landscape, developing a good impressionist technique. In this way he tries to acquire the tools to express his feelings through the harmony of color, creating clear works with light and shades effects.
His early exhibitions trace back to this period when he takes part in collective shows together with other artists and fellow-students.
Again and again, he gains more and more artistical maturity, and the attraction for painting develops, after an intense period of studies of italian and international modern and contemporary painting, into the desire of wrecking the natural shapes that appear to our eyes.
Getting out from the figurative art, his early abstract works show the decomposition effect recalling the cubist art.
So in this way begins the real study of shape, of self-serching painting, where the same shapes obtain own vitality and the composition becames an elaborate subject created from the relation between shape and colour.
The space is modulated by sinuous lines of composition and by light-and-dark colours that mark the surface of the picture.
This relationship between shapes and colours becomes always more intense in the years, and the the artist continues to increase his mastery beginning so to create his own abstract vision and point of view that let him and his works to be known throughout different galleries and artistic events.
Observing carefully, his works offer a fine range of cromatic notes to our eyes that creates a sense of space and dinamism, thanks to its density of depth of the bottom basis.
All this becomes possible because the painter uses the most various materials.
Even the support obtains importance because the artist uses alternative and recovery materials instead of classic canvas, such as old doors, plastic materials etc.
The paintings are realized with warm tones and total reliance on colour that motivates the achievement of pictorial diffuse harmony, which is organized by an internal energy unveiled by the artist.
The colour trasparency lets the light diffuse all over and gives the prominence to the central forms. The shapes expand to the entire painting surface, and the overlapping of shapes generates a continuos series of plans creating the depth, and the shadows glide away into the darkness creating brightness in other parts of the work.
And the colour in this image that defines the shape and hides the artist’s need to express himself through painting and sentiments, his memories, his own vision of everyday life and the reality that surrounds him.
In recent years, his work has been oriented towards social issues, such as the environment and its climate changes, and he manages to find a relationship between art and communication.
“Art in addition to being an object of decoration is transformed into a message, to awaken consciences”

Dimensions 80 × 60 cm

Tecnica Mista On Canvas