Oceans’s breakfast

Beatrice Roman


Tecnique: Tecnica Mista On Canvas
Lenght: 60 cm
Height: 40 cm

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Beatrice Roman

My first works were made for fun, with the desire to create something personal to furnish my home, which reflected the moods of that moment, thinking that in that way I had the opportunity to review and relive those memories and feelings of the moment: joy, happiness, happiness, anger, sadness… EMOTIONS !!!

My works are the result of an immense imagination with the intention of being able to convey that exact moment and the energy of the moment.

My technique is inventiveness, a mixture of accumulation and collage. I recover various objects… recycled materials: pieces of Murano glass (I lived in Murano for 11 years), beads, coins, bottle caps, gloves etc.

Balance and harmony are the Must of my works ... I never fail to take care of the symmetries in placing the pieces and then concluding with a range of colors that blend together creating the magic necessary to be able to capture the viewer's gaze!

From 4 to 8 December 2019 at Hotel Victor, 1144 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach (Florida - USA)

Miami Meets Milan - International Art Exhibition
This important event, organized by "Spoleto Arte" and curated by Salvo Nugnes, which is held in the midst of the opening of the most important art fair in the world (Art Basel), hosts artists and collectors from every country.

The "Miami meets Milan" brand is well known and consolidated in the United States and aims to highlight the art (and artists) that the committee selects and intends to promote.

This Kermesse enjoys the contribution of illustrious names such as Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Liguori, Josè Dalì and the Hon. Ignazio La Russa.

From 10 to 14 October 2019 at Brera Site, Via delle Erbe 2, Milan

Biennale Milano - International Art Meeting
Five days entirely dedicated to the world of art and everything that revolves around it. The event will make the creations of talented Italian and non-Italian contemporary artists visible to an international audience.

In the words of prof. Sgarbi, the Milan Biennale is "an opportunity to see new and well-known artists, to see the state of art out of the Venetian splendor and without discrimination". For this reason, a shrewd selection of artists from all regions of Italy and other countries is underway, already hoped for during the vernissage of the Pro Biennale last May.

From 15 to 28 June 2019 - Via Verdi 92, Mestre - Venice

Personal Exhibition of Beatrice Roman, Ghetti Gallery
The work of the artist Roman has, for the observer, an enigmatic content but at the same time possesses a vitality and originality that manages to attract his interest. His material paintings and collages are not figurative but are impromptu compositions made with various kinds of materials (shells, glass, semi-precious stones) which are fixed on the canvas following the inspiration of the moment and then covered with the emotional quality of color.

These are works that draw inspiration not from reality but from a dreamlike imagination that intends to express the most secret motions of the soul and the most hidden thoughts; and which can be summed up in a refusal of classical painting to devote himself to the search for new, more modern and unconventional forms of expression.

Dimensions 60 × 40 cm

Tecnica Mista On Canvas