Oltre il muro V


Tecnique: Mixed Media On Canvas
Lenght: 150 cm
Height: 150 cm


Giuseppe Donati, aka Pillino, was born in Camogli in 1948 where he spent childhood and adolescence. Camogli, in addition to being a real wonder both for his landscapes and his architecture, is more over a town with a singular artistic vitality, known for being the place where many artists such as Romolo Pergola and Rubaldo Merello lived for many years. For these reasons Pillino had the opportunity to get in touch with painting in a completely natural way, almost by osmosis, and he initially developed his painting style in the wake of the tradition realizing landscapes, portraits, views.

The break with these canonic genres, which the artist describes as violent, takes place in 1985 when, especially thanks to many travels and experiences abroad, Pillino came into contact with other artists and realities starting an intensive and continuous research work. From that moment Pillino starts to look in a different way at subjects familiar to him, uncovering himself especially attracted by the traces of memory in the walls of the houses of Camogli: the wall sums up the history of man, in its cracks you can read drama, emotions that the plaster absorbs like a sponge. He decides to make the wall the formal and conceptual core of his works, the starting point and the center of his artistic research.

Pillino lives and works in Uscio.

Dimensions 150 × 150 cm

Mixed Media On Canvas