Para bellum

Cedric Palobart


Tecnique: Mixed Media On Canvas
Lenght: 81 cm
Height: 100 cm

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Cedric Palobart

Cedric Palobart aka Palo

French painter born in Toulouse.

His painting is part of a resolutely contemporary approach, often abstract,

He draws and paints with passion, greed and even voracity from an early age. Not being formatted by any school of thought, he tries to keep a naive curiosity which allows him not to forbid himself anything and to walk carefree where brushes, knives, spray paints and the airbrush guide.

Painting is not a hobby, it is a necessity for him, in the sense that it is an expression of himself. He does not paint what he sees, nor even what he thinks but what he feels or foresees, freed from parasitic thoughts by trying to free himself from any kind of judgment. In this sense he describes his approach as "pre-cognitive", very raw, intimate, almost psychoanalytical, and always underpinned by a great sincerity... very direct.

He approaches in his painting the themes that are dear to him such as Consciousness, matter and emptiness, space and time, entropy... instinctively, using and abusing movement, color and matter...

He constantly explores, trying to free himself from rules and speculations or mental hesitations in order to know himself... and the World.

Although his professional career is still recent, he has exhibited in several cities and countries, such as Paris, Monaco, Madrid, Milan, Palermo or Florence.

Dimensions 81 × 100 cm

Mixed Media On Canvas