Passato, presente e futuro

Gabriele La Teana


Tecnique: Mixed Media On Canvas
Lenght: 200 cm
Height: 200 cm

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Gabriele La Teana

Class 90 He was born in Scandiano and at the age of 4 he moved to Milan in 1995 From an early age he felt a strong attraction towards drawing and above all towards writing on walls At 14 he came into contact with the world of graffiti until 2009, the year in which, for no reason, he completely abandoned that environment until 2018. In that year, the depression hits harder than ever and takes a canvas and brushes in hand and begins as a joke, out of necessity to draw on them. From there, As if absorbed in a bubble, he pours out all his suffering, hatred, fear on canvases and sheets. The first works are really primordial, almost like tribal masks. Little by little he becomes aware of the means and how to use them and begins to refine his own style. Start making yourself known through social media and participating in various contests. His paintings after less than a year of activity are noticed and from there he begins to exhibit in various group exhibitions around Italy. Florence, Bologna, Rome, then Milan. All group exhibitions, where the name begins to turn and begins to sell some canvases. Despite the covid, in June 2020 he makes his first solo show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Alcamo, Sicily. Here he exhibits all his works and leaves some of his pieces on permanent display at the museum. Also in that period he was contacted to exhibit one of his impressive works abroad in a group exhibition at the Pintér gallery in Budapest. In 2021 one of his pieces was auctioned at the Gigarte house, together with the likes of Salvador Dalí and Botero. From 2018 to 2021, in each of his works we can see the suffering of the artist, who with decisive, sharp brushstrokes almost seems to be fighting with the canvas. In orderly chaos, he seems to be trying to put his thoughts in order. With his distressing figures, he tries to bring out his demons. Up to the current awareness that depression is part of him and will forever be part of him, but now he has a means with which to learn to live with. Art saved his life and he repays it by giving him life.

Dimensions 200 × 200 cm

Mixed Media On Canvas