Percorso Accidentato

Mariagrazia Zanetti

Percorso Accidentato – Mixed technique

Tecnique: Mixed Technique
Dimensions: 4.5 cm
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 80 cm
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Mariagrazia Zanetti

Self-taught painter; from the beginning my painting was totally based on instinct; it has progressively changed naturally and now it is still quite irrational and instinctive, but with even more reasoned developments that have also led me towards figurative and landscape painting, but still with some surreal notes; the informal and the gestures remain constant notes of my painting, but with changes that will surely lead to further developments; experimentation must be part of a painter's work; crystallizing in painting is not part of my way of seeing art, which is and must also be a search for "self"; my paintings can start a bit on their own, starting to apply a few brushstrokes on the canvas, especially in the case of the abstract, and develop "along the way" ... becoming more thoughtful and "meditated" when it comes to figurative.

I started painting in 2017; the disappearance of a loved one brought me closer to art, almost as a compensation for the lack suffered; subsequently painting became an "obligatory" stop in my daily life, perhaps not exactly constant, but indispensable; a meditation exercise, a Zen practice, with which I do not isolate myself from reality, but with which I create as an aura that defends and protects me.

Dimensions 80 × 4.5 × 80 cm







Mixed Technique