Sveva Altea


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 60 cm
Height: 80 cm

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Sveva Altea

Since l was little l used to draw my room s walls
And from then l never stopped drawing.
When I went to study in London I attempted some courses of live painting at Central Saint Martin school of arts and design and decide to want to become an artist.
So l ve been studying at Chelsea college of Arts and design and at Guildhall University, finishing the school with a BA degree in fine arts.
I started as a figurative painter, since a couple of years ago when I started painting abstract, as a result of a very strong need.
That took me to create a serie of "cosmic paintings", Dreams, stellar nights, universe and space, oniric visions, as a journey into the deepest unconscious.
The artworks came out of my imagination exspecially inspired by nature, astronomy and music, without rules, theorys or limits.
Infact there are no schemes l follow but l let my imagination to run free, like floating with colors trough an unknown universe.
Often l don't use brushes at all,but only my hands, using different kind of pigments, sands or resin
Mixed with the oil colours.
Some artworks are flat, others are very materical,
Some painted in relief, l use a lot of special pens, markers or my fingers to draw the lines
The lines often present in my works reminds of an infinite and unknown space.
I like to explore new materials and media so l ve been making a series of abstract Sculptures about the Moon, or some photo performance too.
I could say l m a daydreamer who paints the infinite shade of the universe trough the unconscious of our emotions.
As Edward Hopper said "if l could say it in words there would be no reason to paint",
Because the process of creation is like a vortex it is limitating for an artist to describe it in words.
I d Like that the Viewer feels free to interpret the artwork through his own imagination and the emotions that it provoches to him.


I ve been selected between many ltalian artists To be in the book Atlante Dell arte contemporanea De Agostini 2020, tougheter with the best contemporary artists.
I ve been illustrating a part of a new edition of the Divina Commedia for the 700 anniversary of Dante Alighieri s death.
I ve been selected for many exhibition and partecipated at Bologna Galleria Farini 2019 internazional prize,.
Premio della Lupa 2020 Roma febbraio
Royal Arts Prize London 2020 Galleria Pall Mall
Triennale di Arti Visive di Roma June 2021
I was selected for other international exhibition s
But l could not participate due to the pandemia.

Dimensions 60 × 80 cm

Oil on Canvas