Ritornera’ Il Sole

Antonella Di Renzo

Tecnique: Acrylic And Oil On Canvas
Lenght: 100 cm
Height: 45 cm
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Antonella Di Renzo

Antonella Di Renzo, painter and poet, was born and works in Vibo Valentia.
Self-taught artist, he chooses to devote himself to art by painting and experimenting with various painting techniques.
He followed his humanities and graduated in Education Sciences in 1975, has taught humanities for over thirty years. He obtained the Master of Wellness Operator (Naturopathy) in 2006, the International Diploma of “Counselor” with existential theological address in 2009, the master of Oriental Philosophy called REIKI. He has published the poetry series “IN THE SILENCES OF THE EVENING” presented in different parts of Italy, and is present with his poems on the “POETS AND POETRY” site conducted by the poet and writer ELIO PECORA. He participated in several poetry Reading and, lastly, “VOLA DA ME”, it took place in
Rome on 01/27 2020, where she declaimed her lyrics at the Tordinona theater. The continuous human contact, the in-depth studies of Spiritual Medicine and Quantum Physics have allowed her to express her inner evolution in painting and poetry with works from the singular expressive force, and in the middle of the night it creates, destroys and recreates, with disparate hands and materials, on which it cleverly lays down the colors and its vortexes of energy, revealing perceptions and sensations of the soul, to externalize its interiority.

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“I love this creative being of mine, I love feeling free, the enthusiasm that involves me, the ferment of the new: every work is catharsis, a dying and being reborn” … “Nourishing one’s soul with art oxygenates”. “The energy of my hands shapes the colors spreading them on the canvas: a magical sensation pervades me and, at this particular moment of my life I paint on large canvases, lying on the floor; space with acrylics, I immerse myself in color with my fingertips, bristles and brush handle, I walk on the colors of the universe with bare feet “.
Paul Klee says: “Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes visible what is not”.
The invisible is the essence of art, it contributes to the search for something much more spiritual … the cosmic energies that radiate and life and the universe. And so, Antonella Di Renzo “with admirable artistic skill, in addition to transmitting emotions, speaks and leaves a sign of herself: that unmistakable imprint such as to be recognizable without any need to read the signature of belonging” (prof. Anna Francesca Biondolillo)

Author: Antonella Di Renzo
Title: Ritornera’ Il Sole
Size: 45×100 Cm
Type: Painting

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 45 cm

Acrylic And Oil On Canvas

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