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Ausilia Minasi


Tecnique: Tecnica Mista On Canvas
Lenght: 100 cm
Height: 50 cm

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Ausilia Minasi

Ausilia Montagna Minasi was born in Cesarò (Me) in 1965. The dawn of the new century saw it making its debut in the world of the arts. intellectually attentive and curious, she has trodden the inaccessible paths of the intimate poetry of the soul, substantiated by multiple encounters and cultural events that have seen her participate and protagonist in every way. the pictorial datum appeared imperious and compulsive, combining and integrating itself in poetic events alternating with exhibitions of ancient and fascinating ethnic dances in a multifaceted intertwining of different muses, well aimed at showing the strong artistic temperament and the anxiety to express it withparticular with regard to the forces of nature as a whole.polychromatic and modernist, the first paintings already announced a powerful adherence to abstract art, to the sublimation of narrative colors, a restless soul and a poetic mind. demanding critics have compared it to Jackson Pollock but the use of its colors only lead us to a harmonic and metric thread of painted poetry. Essential concordance and coexistence of different muses dispensers of sparkling colors. the primitive imprint dates back to the severe school of Maestro Vittorio Martinelli and the conceptual evolution undergoes a decisive acceleration of the artist's school and the comparison with authors of various tendencies in open exhibitions and multidisciplinary events. the production of the last two years turns and exalts a sure trait and the ambitious and winning project on the use of heterogeneous material, bare earth, glitters, gauze, Baj cords and fabrics, up to Burri's jute. in his works the clear adherence to life and respect for it is announced, like the absolute pictorial and poetic hymn that he dedicates to creation.

Dimensions 100 × 50 cm

Tecnica Mista On Canvas