Ciro Ciardiello


Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 150 cm
Height: 80 cm

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Ciro Ciardiello

The passion for painting has always been strong: as a child he was painting with the only tube of paint, the plastic lady; the strong predilection, in middle school, for artistic disciplines; the natural choice, after compulsory school (1968), also encouraged by his father, of the art institute. After the diploma (1973) he chose a path apparently far from the one he had previously followed: the degree in Biology. During his university period, the new studies attracted his attention, and he almost completely abandoned the art of painting. After graduating, a first job for a large pharmaceutical company is followed by a job in a private studio and in the meantime the sporadic return to his old passion: painting. After the first paintings, for friends or to keep at home, the need to spend hours painting as a cathartic moment capable of balancing everyday and other tension explodes again.
He is commissioned copies of great works from Caravaggio to Klimt from Floris Van Dick to Sciltian and he executes them with surprising results.
The technique is refined and the canvases created are permeated with a strong luminosity at the same time ancient, like the one the authors had thought of for their works, and modern for that choice of radiant and brilliant color. He uses acrylic colors to sketch the picture, to create a support for the color that is often not opaque, then passes to the oil colors that he spreads with a refined technique capable of completely erasing the brushstroke.
He leaves all activities and decides to devote himself completely to painting, choosing to live not only for art, but above all with art.
"I consider myself self-taught, the art institute certainly gave me a knowledge of the technical data and the teachers stimulated me a lot; how can I forget the prof. Giovanni Meo who strongly believed in my abilities and to allow me a continuous exercise, even at home, slipped small quantities of color powder into the pocket of his coat. However, the Art Institute does not teach you how to paint a picture: it is a question of manual skills that are acquired with practice and sensitivity that is acquired over time and not only with that.

Dimensions 150 × 80 cm

Acrylic on canvas