Spring N.1

Daniela Carletti


Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 120 cm
Height: 100 cm

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Daniela Carletti

Painter and sculptor born in Ferrara, northern Italy.
She started to be interested in art at the end of the seventies. That was the time when she began to attend a painting, watercolor, sculpturing and graphic Fine Art School, whose teachers were talented artists of her town. In 2011, after many solo and group exhibitions she was invited to participate in the Venice Biennial, 54th International Art Exhibition, Padiglione Italia.
From 2013 she held many exhibitions in United Arab Emirates, Museums and Art Galleries in Italy and abroad. Her poetry is expressed by the representation of nature. She says of her work: “I think I have nostalgia for a time when human beings lived in direct communication with nature. I can’t explain in any other way my compulsive need to represent it. In all my artworks I just follow my inspiration, there is not much planning; the different materials I use suggest the path I follow. In the various steps of processing, all senses are involved, acting in synergy with the mind and the heart, showing me where to go. Creating an artwork is like making a trip to the mysterious and attractive unknown.”

Dimensions 120 × 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas