by Giuseppina Crocamo

Stain by Giuseppina Crocamo

Tecnique:Acrylic on canvas
Lenght:80 cm
Height:60 cm

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Giuseppina Crocamo


My name is Pinuccia Crocamo, I was born on February 2, 1960 in Novi Velia, in the province of Salerno. After high school in Vallo della Lucania I moved to Naples and graduated in speech therapy. For years I have been working as a freelancer, but being a free and full of interest spirit I have had the opportunity to devote myself to many other activities: restoration, renovation of buildings, architecture, design, not least also experience such as that of successful hotel entrepreneur . I then dedicated myself with greater continuity to pictorial art with an instinctive approach and outside predetermined schemes. So I started the production of pictorial works with continuity and perseverance. My paintings are the momentary expression of moods that are transfigured by chromatically representing the miracle of existence. For me, color is the emotional note of my life, a means of communication and sharing of feelings. I try to convey the moment, the fleeting moment in its essence instinctively.

Author: Giuseppina Crocamo
Title: Stain
Size: 80×60 Cm
Type: Painting

Dimensions80 × 60 cm

Acrylic on canvas