The enamoured 2

Anel Tulegenova


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 120 cm

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Anel Tulegenova

Anel Tulegenova was born in 1998 in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan. She has studied in the Kazakh National Academy of Arts Almaty, Kazakhstan and holds a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from the Florence University of the Arts, Florence, Italy. Her academic background and gained practical experience have inspired Anel to creating traditional paintings of urbanists as well as mastering the principles of abstract expressionism. Being surrounded by Florentine aesthetics and having been supervised by Florentine masters has developed a huge respect towards the art rules and theories. Besides exploring and developing her inner world through art as a way of expression, Anel practices discipline and attention to detail in order to be able to transfer her vision with precision to her viewers.

Dimensions 80 × 120 cm

Oil on Canvas