Simona Fumagalli


Tecnique: Ink & enamel on wood
Lenght: 110 cm
Height: 130 cm

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Simona Fumagalli

After graduating from the state art school of Bergamo, she enrolled in the faculty of architecture, but soon realized that this is not the path she wishes to take. She resumes his studies in the artistic field with a path that gradually deviates from classical figurative painting, studied and assimilated with great attention and passion. This path focuses on a personal research of style, technique and synthesis in continuous evolution.
The starting point is always the concrete, but there is the will and the need to distance ourselves, go beyond the appearance, beyond the first glance, simplifying the image by grasping the essential aspects and then distorting them.
The subject is powerful in his close-up shot, as if he wanted to get out of the canvas, and vital thanks to an execution that is all instinctive and passionate.
The stylistic code is characterized by the smoothness of the brushstroke that leaves no room for second thoughts, by the chromatic combinations that move the subject in strong harmony and by a lively expressiveness.
In recent years, study and research have focused on the world of animals, living representatives of the vital forces, synthesized and dynamized until their essential forms are reached. The painting is intense and chromatically bright. Spontaneity, rapidity, immediacy of vision and gesture belong to the artist who is able to express and communicate them with great consistency.
From 2007 she began his exhibition with solo and group exhibitions and participation in numerous competitions, where she obtained prizes and recommendations.
She lives and works in Lomagna in the province of Lecco.

Dimensions 110 × 130 cm

Ink & enamel on wood