Tramonto a Castellammare

Jack Ottanio



Tecnique: Acrylic, metallic, glittering on canvas
Lenght: 200 cm
Height: 100 cm

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Jack Ottanio

Creative, imaginary, visionary, futurist. The italian artist is multifaceted, open to any form of expressive art. No limits to creativity to satisfy the need to communicate love, beauty and emotions. Jack Ottanio, from Milan, had learn the life thanks to the experience created and grown by traveling in all European countries, USA and China. The “metropolitan” artist adopts different techniques and tools to create his own works, able to satisfy his creativity destined to satisfy the strong need to give emotions to others, through art. The “AKRILIKA COLLECTION” is the artist’s favorite creative expression. The post-modern and futuristic vision of modernity, mixed with the roots of English and American Pop culture, is the furrow handed down from the history of the seventies to the European metropolitan one of the twenty-first century. Strong and aggressive colors are the essence of the collection. Acrylic, metallic and the suffocating repetition of subjects such as The Colored Fish, The Futurist Cities, The Garden on the Moon, Mars, Saturn, the Colored Faces are the creative obsessions of the collection. The Black Portrait Collection is instead an intimate, personal, particular collection that Jack Ottanio creates to convey poems and words related to the moment and the subject depicted. Wonderful the Sicilian beaches, the faces of fishermen devoured by the sea, wind and time. The third collection is the POP GRAPHIC COLLECTION. The absolutely creative and unbridled use of digital art. A mix of futurist images with subjects of women, cars, spacecraft, angels, housewives and everything that can astound the public, projecting it in the vision of works belonging to a colorful, exciting, immense and difficult universe to imagine for most of the earth’s population.

Dimensions 200 × 100 cm

Acrylic, metallic, glittering on canvas