Urban Obstacles

by Mauro Paparella

Urban Obstacles is an artwork by Mauro Paparella

Tecnique: Acrylic on canvas
Lenght: 152 cm
Height: 110 cm
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Mauro Paparella

“My artworks project on canvas, colours and torments of sleepless nights like to prove the presence of a parallel, disquieting and wonderful world…..”

Mauro Paparella was born in Benevento in the 1962. In early age he moved with his family to Sapri a small town situated South West of Italy, long the Policastro’s Gulf cost, were he started to nurture his passion for the art. He lives his teens in a turbulent and adventurous way, frequenting particular and unconventional friends bringing him to know many cities of Italy, of which the cultural influences will contribute to develop a sensitive and creative personality.

Author: Mauro Paparella
Title: Urban Obstacles
Size: 152×110 Cm
Type: Painting

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 152 × 110 cm
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Acrylic on canvas