Airone rosso

Roberta Pelone


Tecnique: Tecnica digitale
Lenght: 60 cm
Height: 40 cm

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Roberta Pelone

With photography I feel free, inverse, instinctive and I live it with such intensity, love and wonder, to give richness and joy to my life. It is also a place of peace and silence, where my senses find meaning, it is also an inner search and my constant reflection on it helps me to renew my language and the intense desire I have to experiment. In my photographic journey I am looking for a suspended time, full of waiting and silence, which requires a slow gaze. Images not screamed, in sure opposition to the most fashionable language today: the strong, extreme one that seeks impact and twist. On the contrary, I prefer a language that lowers the tones, that captures the whispers and the shadows.When I photograph I have the feeling of dissolving and that feeling of love for the portrayed subjects arises instinctively in me, in a mutual exchange that gives me the awareness of wanting to evoke and represent the beauty, enchantment, tenderness and energy that the “nature” world knows how to transmit attracted by the mystery of life that is hidden in her, so my little works take shape.
The reference for me is Maestro Milko Marchetti. Which taught me the language (starting from the technical and compositional alphabet), which allowed me a personal evolution and the search for my own distinctive style. Therefore, in my opinion, the communicative and evocative power of photography becomes fundamental, which needs uniqueness and original projects to emerge.

Dimensions 60 × 40 cm

Tecnica digitale