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Karmaditya Baldota


Tecnique: X Ray Photography
Lenght: 61 cm
Height: 38 cm

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Karmaditya Baldota

If photography is painting with light, Karmaditya Baldota is an artist who, at the age of 16, can operate his camera with as much ease as he uses his brush and mold to create paintings and metal sculptures. What began as a casual fiddling with his father's camera during a family outing went on to become a passion potent enough to whet an insatiable appetite of creativity.

The seed of the photography was sown in Hospet, Karnataka where from a very young age he got exposed to two things. One, his father’s camera through which he clicked some breathtaking photos and two the nature in Hospet. The place is home to large number of migratory birds and surrounded by beautiful landscapes, water bodies, woodlands and the wildlife. Hospet gave him this opportunity to indulge in his passion and nature.

Karmaditya, like his father, Shrenik Baldota, is a born adventurer and incurable photographer, who has traversed across various geographies, right from Galapagos, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Kanha and Jawai to Botswana. Be it antelopes, alligators, whales, penguins, flamingos or wild cats, his lenses capture the essence of wildlife with an eagle-eye precision.

When not with his camera, Karmaditya is either busy go-karting, trekking, skydiving, painting, sculpting, having fun with his three dogs, catching up with friends or finishing his 10th grade homework. Like his mother, Rashmi Baldota, Karma is compassionate and volunteers his time in community service.

Dimensions 61 × 38 cm

X Ray Photography